17 February 2010

Sadly, dead

I had to quit WoW - my main character account would drop connection after a few mins of playing. All other characters were fine...

I disabled all my addons, ran repairs, etc. WoW were trying to help online, then suddenly lost interest and made me log a brand new call through the website.

I did this and had no reply for a month!

Then they essentially asked me to do all the same things, and then re-install the whole thing and see if that helps...

Hello? It's just one bloody character, all the others work!


So I quit, deleted my character of many years...

Goodbye WoW, hello wife.

13 June 2008

Diving Helmet

Probably been seen a million times, but I love this diving helmet you get on a quest near thermamore.

Plane wreck north-west Searing Gorge

Came across this plane crash at about 20,4 in Searing Gorge, above the Twilight Geomancers, however, you can't get to it that way - you have to come across the mountains to the east, starting in Dun Morogh.

There's nothing there, no NPCs or anything. Obviously just eye candy, as a flight-path is overhead.

If you then travel to the west of this area you can find a large un-developed section of bare mountainside. There is an invisible wall some of the way preventing you from entering, but you could probably skip around it, if you were so inclined.

16 March 2008

Shortcut from Dun Morogh to Searing Gorge / Badlands

When I was a low level Paladin I wanted to collect as many flight paths as I could, the trickiest was Thorium Point, Searing Gorge. I did this at about level 12. I just re-traced it as I realised it's a bit quicker to get to the Badlands too, than the run to, and then through, Loch Modan. Well, it might be quicker, it might not, but it's certainly more fun!

Start at 78,50, head up the path (1). Follow it up to about 80, 40 then head right (2). You're heading along that ridge you can see stretching right in (3). In (4) you can look down and see some nice buildings. Don't get sidetracked, head kind of up and right to 82,58 (5). There's a little slope here that you should go round to the left of, not right, or you'll slip to the valley floor.

At 81,65, which is kind of straight on and left a bit (6), you can just see Searing Gorge in the distance. Head down veering left a little bit, carefully, as there are some steep falls around. head for 88,0 (7) which is a safe place to drop down from.

There's quite a big area to roam around in here (9), and you can drop down either in the Badlands (anywhere in the north really), Loch Modan (valley of kings), or Searing Gorge.

Don't ride down the spine between Searing Gorge and Badlands without due care and attention, or you'll fall in this hole (10) and have to hearthstone it out!

If you head west as far as you can, you'll find a place to drop down into Searing Gorge. Keep going west and stay as high up as you can to the north. Eventually you'll come across a small flat snowy area with some machines in it. It's deserted, so don't worry. Drop down into it and out the western exit. Follow the path down and you'll reach Thorium Point shortly. I didn't pull any mobs on the way down, but might have been lucky!

Once there, the flight master is kind of through the camp to the left a bit.

Trapped lion in Badlands

I like this - see the lion trapped in the rock? You can stand nearby and she'll growl at you and wave her claws around. If you stand on the top she can actually make you take damage. I couldn't manage to kill her though.

Hidden Dwarf farm, from the airport, Wetlands

After a trip to the Airport (see last article) I decided to try and get to a farm you can see when you're flying from Ironforge to Menethil Harbour, Wetlands, high up in the mountains. I searched for this in vain from the bottom up.

Follow a north-west path towards the harbour from the fligh-path area at the Airport, steadily making your way downwards. You should come to an area with a few bears and a waterfall. The bears are aggressive, but pretty low level.

Now head down the waterfall, following its path. I fell here and survived with 1 heath point! Then I fell again and died as it was just too far. A point here - a death means a very, very long run from Wetlands through Dun Algaz... Takes forver... I think that if you follow the side of the waterfall, and try and remain higher as you descend, there might be a way down without the death.

Okay, once down, there are a load of Dwarves, farmers mostly, wandering about, a few buildings, some cattle, hay bales, a lake, and a signpost that says 'This way' and 'This way'.

There are also some odd targets that some guards are shooting at.

If you follow one of the paths you come to a tunnel which isn't blocked off. It's quite short and ends very abruptly with nothing but sky. You can't see anything beyond the edge, and I didn't have the courage to jump off and see what was there with my main char! Perhaps taking a low level alt there might be worthwhile sometime?

Further west in this pretty large area you come to a lake which is at the top of Dun Algaz. I remember trying to get to this from that side once, and failing, as you can see some grunts on top of the hill there. Well, now you can go and kill them. Lovely.

There isn't anything else to see or do up there yet, but there are some great views!

WoW Airport, easy route?

Bored, I decided to try and get to the Airport, finding my own way. I recently discovered that holding down both mouse buttons and jumping with the space bar at the same time gets me up a lot more tricky hills than moving forward with the w does. So, new thirst for wandering about mountains arose in me.

So, out of Ironforge, I leap from the graveyard along the ledge from the entrance and hug the mountains, heading north as much as I can. There's no path and I eventually fall back to the bottom. A bit further on, about 61,43 is a path leading upwards again. It's pretty simple to just follow this path up, zigzagging as you go, there's only one way up, and you get so far until you come to a big white wall, which seems impossible, like this (see left).

I couldn't get up this, but if you venture slightly to the west, there's an identical, snowy wall that you can get up, if you try really hard. It took me just a minute the first time, and about 5 the next time - running with mouse buttons and jumping - it is possible, really!

Here's me looking back at the slope, once up.

Once up, just head down the slope to the east and you'll end off on a frozen lake-bed where lots of low-level (7) trolls are running about, chased by Dwarves with guns, mainly.

Run on and you'll find some buildings, the planes, plenty of guards, some of whom will talk to you, and some buildings. There's also a flight path area, but no flight master as yet.

There's also an interesting tunnel that's currently blocked off but seems to head towards Ironforge:

I headed down to a hidden farm area after this (see next entry).

05 February 2008


Sadly this blog is now not updated.

I also neglect my level 43 Shaman on Twisting Nether. Why? I am so goddam sick of being ganked by kids that rather than smash all mu cups in anger, I moved to a non PVP server and started being a Paladin (level 33 at the moment), joined a Dutch guild consisting of adults (!), and am having lots of fun. I suppose I should have blogged all that.

Not enough hours in the day...

With a major petition, I might ressurect the blog, but otherwise, see you around!

09 February 2007

What happened here?

Always nice to come home and find bones strewn around the place...

Where am I?

One for all the WoW explore geeks out there.... Where is this? Note the saw-tooth shapes...

Level 41 - Messing about

I really just can't be arsed to embark on those big, tedious, difficult quests full of ganking idiots...

So I'm doing my backlog of old, easy quests that don't give much xp, but do bring a whole lot of satisfaction in kicking so much arse...

31 January 2007


Yes, yes, I know, months and no posts. I was disturbed to find out that some people actually used to read this and were sad when it stopped! Well, I ask, why the hell didn't you post some encouraging comments then, hmm?

Well, I'm still playing, but not so much, just a few hours a week, which explains why I'm only level 41 at the moment...

I'll try and start to post again...

And you try and leave some comments!

05 March 2006

Level 19 - Lots of killing indeed

Bit of a gap in the log there. No good reason, I'm just a bit slack.

Well, I hung around in the Barrens for a while, whittling down the crossroads quests (which seem never-ending), killing lots of lizards for various body parts, lions for other body parts, centaurs for access to their mushrooms and ponds and quill boars generally for fun.

Then there were things to do planting seeds at the bottom of lakes, killing turtles in lakes like this, and hanging out near clams and things.

I accidentally took a ship from Ratchet in the south east and ended off in a scarily high-level place in the eastern kingdoms. I hid on the ship until it turned round and went back. On the way back I spied an island not too far from the ship and, on the spur of the moment leapt from the ship and started to swim towards it (as many of us have often wanted to do on board ferries I think).

I imagined large sharks, evil whales, etc as I swam. My fatigue bar counted down, but I made it okay and sneaked around the beach looking through the palm fronds. Some people, gathered around a metal door in the floor. Hmm. I wander over and they aren't hostile, and, in fact, ignore me.

I peer into the depths beneath the lattice-work door. Nothing there. I find a building, but it's empty. No-one wants to talk to me. I get bored and start to swim towards Ratchet, on the way killing some challenging slimeshell beasts.

Next it is back to the Sepulchre and I explore the area and do a few quests, levelling up on the way. I discover nasty spiders and werewolves. The 'moonrages' are best killed from the roof above their mine. They wander out and wonder what the hell is happening as you cast multiple shocks at them from above.

Then back to the barrens to visit my shamanic teacher (nothing new), herbalist (some things) and alchemist (also a few new things).

I join a large group of people sacking booty bay and Northwatch further south and complete about 4 quests in half an hour. Much fun the group thing after all.

Level up... now 19. Can't wait for 20...

Oh, what else? Yes, I bought a pet. Not a helpful pet. No, an expensive prairie dog that I can call with a silver whistle. Nice. Tough. Manly.